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% Information related to 'AS20485 - AS20857'

as-block: AS20485 - AS20857
descr: RIPE NCC ASN block
remarks: These AS Numbers are assigned to network operators in the RIPE NCC service region.
created: 2010-05-11T11:45:37Z
last-modified: 2014-02-24T13:15:17Z
source: RIPE

% Information related to 'AS20694'

% Abuse contact for 'AS20694' is 'abuse@nmmn.com'

aut-num: AS20694
as-name: NMMN-AS
remarks: ------------------UPSTREAMS-------------------
import: from AS702 action pref=100; accept ANY # MCI WORLDCOM
export: to AS702 announce AS-NMMN
import: from AS13101 action pref=100; accept ANY # TNG
export: to AS13101 announce AS-NMMN
import: from AS25074 action pref=100; accept ANY # INETBONE/MESH
export: to AS25074 announce AS-NMMN
mp-import: afi ipv6.unicast from AS25074 accept ANY
mp-export: afi ipv6.unicast to AS25074 announce AS-NMMN
import: from AS42525 action pref=100; accept ANY # GlobalConnect
export: to AS42525 announce AS-NMMN
mp-import: afi ipv6.unicast from AS42525 accept ANY
mp-export: afi ipv6.unicast to AS42525 announce AS-NMMN
remarks: -------------------PEERINGS-------------------
import: from AS-WORKIX accept AS-WORKIX
export: to AS-WORKIX announce AS-NMMN
import: from AS9211 at action pref=5; accept AS-WORK # NATWORK
export: to AS9211 announce AS-NMMN
import: from AS8687 at action pref=5;accept AS-PPP # PELIKANPARTER
export: to AS8687 announce AS-NMMN
import: from AS13135 at action pref=5; accept AS-CREW # WIESKE
export: to AS13135 announce AS-NMMN
import: from AS5430 at action pref=5; accept AS-FREENETDE # FREENET
export: to AS5430 announce AS-NMMN
import: from AS15388 at action pref=5; accept AS-OMC # OMC NET
export: to AS15388 announce AS-NMMN
import: from AS12822 at accept AS-LYNET # LYNET
export: to AS12822 announce AS-NMMN
mp-import: afi ipv6.unicast from AS12822 accept AS-LYNET-V6
mp-export: afi ipv6.unicast to AS12822 announce AS-NMMN
import: from AS5521 at action pref=5; accept AS-CITYLINE # MCS-CITYLINE
export: to AS5521 announce AS-NMMN
import: from AS12923 at action pref=5; accept AS-WIZARD # WIZARD
export: to AS12923 announce AS-NMMN
import: from AS8893 at action pref=5; accept AS-ARTFILES # ARTFILES
export: to AS8893 announce AS-NMMN
import: from AS31334 at action pref=5;accept AS-KDG # KABEL DEUTSCHLAND
export: to AS31334 announce AS-NMMN
mp-import: afi ipv6.unicast from AS31334 accept AS-KDG
mp-export: afi ipv6.unicast to AS31334 announce AS-NMMN
import: from AS42965 at action pref=5;accept AS-MRNET # MR-NETSERVICES
export: to AS42965 announce AS-NMMN
mp-import: afi ipv6.unicast from AS42965 accept AS-MRNET-IPV6
mp-export: afi ipv6.unicast to AS42965 announce AS-NMMN
import: from AS16378 at action pref=5;accept AS-OTTO # OTTO
export: to AS16378 announce AS-NMMN
import: from AS24640 at action pref=5;accept AS-BSWS # BSWS
export: to AS24640 announce AS-NMMN
import: from AS45012 at action pref=5;accept AS-MEDIAWEBLINE # Mediawebline
export: to AS45012 announce AS-NMMN
import: from AS5605 at action pref=5; accept AS-NETUSE # NETUSE
export: to AS5605 announce AS-NMMN
mp-import: afi ipv6.unicast from AS5605 accept AS-NETUSE
mp-export: afi ipv6.unicast to AS5605 announce AS-NMMN
import: from AS8469 at action pref=5; accept AS-PIRONETNDH # PIRONET NDH
export: to AS8469 announce AS-NMMN
import: from AS24905 at action pref=5; accept AS-TERRALINK # TERRALINK
export: to AS24905 announce AS-NMMN
import: from AS4589 at action pref=5; accept AS-EASYNET # EASYNET
export: to AS4589 announce AS-NMMN
import: from AS13184 at action pref=5; accept AS-HANSENET # HANSENET
export: to AS13184 announce AS-NMMN
mp-import: afi ipv6.unicast from AS13184 accept AS-HANSENET
mp-export: afi ipv6.unicast to AS13184 announce AS-NMMN
import: from AS9066 at action pref=5; accept AS-BCC # BCC
export: to AS9066 announce AS-NMMN
import: from AS9002 at action pref=5; accept AS-RETN
export: to AS9002 announce AS-NMMN
mp-import: afi ipv6.unicast from AS9002 accept AS-RETN
mp-export: afi ipv6.unicast to AS9002 announce AS-NMMN
import: from AS13157 at action pref=5; accept AS13157 # GOPAS
export: to AS13157 announce AS-NMMN
import: from AS13237 at action pref=5; accept AS-LAMBDANET # LAMBDANET
export: to AS13237 announce AS-NMMN
import: from AS8881 at action pref=5; accept AS-VT-TRANSIT # VERSATEL
export: to AS8881 announce AS-NMMN
mp-import: afi ipv6.unicast from AS8881 accept AS-VERSATEL-V6
mp-export: afi ipv6.unicast to AS8881 announce AS-NMMN
import: from AS25295 at action pref=5; accept AS-KIELNET # KIELNET
export: to AS25295 announce AS-NMMN
import: from AS20940 at action pref=5; accept AS-AKAMAI # AKAMAI
export: to AS20940 announce AS-NMMN
import: from AS12731 at action pref=5; accept AS-IPHH # IPHH
export: to AS12731 announce AS-NMMN
mp-import: afi ipv6.unicast from AS12731 accept AS-IPHH-V6
mp-export: afi ipv6.unicast to AS12731 announce AS-NMMN
mp-import: afi ipv6.unicast from AS286 accept AS-KPNV6
mp-export: afi ipv6.unicast to AS286 announce AS-NMMN
remarks: -------------------PEERINGS-------------------
remarks: For peering please contact peering@nmmn.com
remarks: We are present at:
remarks: De-CIX (former WorkIX Hamburg/Germany) 1000Mbit and 2001:7F8:3D::50D6:0:1
remarks: -----------------BGP CUSTOMER-----------------
import: from AS25175 action pref=100; accept AS-CASAG
export: to AS25175 announce ANY
import: from AS51364 action pref=100; accept AS-PETERCREMER
export: to AS51364 announce ANY
remarks: ----------------------------------------------
admin-c: NMMN1-RIPE
tech-c: NMMN1-RIPE
status: ASSIGNED
mnt-by: NMMN-MNT
created: 2002-08-28T13:32:51Z
last-modified: 2017-11-15T09:16:45Z
source: RIPE

organisation: ORG-NMMN1-RIPE
org-name: NMMN New Media Markets & Networks IT-Services GmbH
org-type: LIR
address: Haferweg 46
address: 22769
address: Hamburg
address: GERMANY
phone: +49 40 2841180
fax-no: +49 40 284118999
admin-c: MS10302-RIPE
tech-c: NMMN1-RIPE
abuse-c: NMMN1-RIPE
mnt-ref: RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
mnt-ref: NMMN-MNT
mnt-by: NMMN-MNT
created: 2004-04-17T11:10:51Z
last-modified: 2016-10-11T08:51:30Z
source: RIPE # Filtered

role: NMMN Hostmaster
address: NMMN New Media Markets & Networks IT-Services GmbH
address: Haferweg 46
address: D-22769 Hamburg
address: Germany
phone: +49 40 284118-0
fax-no: +49 40 284118-999
abuse-mailbox: abuse@nmmn.com
admin-c: MS10302-RIPE
tech-c: RK9321-RIPE
tech-c: DS19211-RIPE
tech-c: KK6429-RIPE
tech-c: AH11446-RIPE
tech-c: OS4860-RIPE
nic-hdl: NMMN1-RIPE
mnt-by: NMMN-MNT
created: 2005-04-19T11:10:28Z
last-modified: 2016-09-06T14:04:08Z
source: RIPE # Filtered

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