Drustvo za telekomunikacije Orion telekom doo Beograd, Gandijeva 76a Whois

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% Information related to 'AS8771 - AS9128'

as-block: AS8771 - AS9128
descr: RIPE NCC ASN block
remarks: These AS Numbers are assigned to network operators in the RIPE NCC service region.
created: 2010-05-11T11:44:47Z
last-modified: 2014-02-24T13:15:16Z
source: RIPE

% Information related to 'AS9125'

% Abuse contact for 'AS9125' is 'abuse@oriontelekom.rs'

aut-num: AS9125
remarks: Orion Telekom Autonomous System 9125
import: from AS203571 action pref=100; accept ANY
import: from AS48015 action pref=100; accept ANY
import: from AS198237 action pref=100; accept ANY
import: from AS201278 action pref=100; accept ANY
import: from AS198565 action pref=100; accept ANY
import: from AS8534 action pref=100; accept ANY
import: from AS43125 action pref=100; accept ANY
import: from AS5483 action pref=100; accept ANY
import: from AS8400 action pref=100; accept ANY
import: from AS3356 action pref=100; accept ANY
import: from AS52072 action pref=120; accept AS52072
import: from AS13004 action pref=100; accept ANY
mp-import: afi ipv6.unicast from AS13004 accept ANY
export: to AS8400 announce AS-ORIONTELEKOM
export: to AS198237 announce AS-ORIONTELEKOM
export: to AS198565 announce AS-ORIONTELEKOM
export: to AS48015 announce AS-ORIONTELEKOM
export: to AS201278 announce AS-ORIONTELEKOM
export: to AS43125 announce AS-ORIONTELEKOM
export: to AS5483 announce AS-ORIONTELEKOM
export: to AS3356 announce AS-ORIONTELEKOM
export: to AS13004 announce AS-ORIONTELEKOM
export: to AS203571 announce AS-ORIONTELEKOM
mp-export: afi ipv6.unicast to AS9125 announce AS-ORIONTELEKOM
import: from AS41897 action pref=110; accept AS-SAT-TRAKT
import: from AS47267 action pref=110; accept AS-RNIDS
import: from AS6701 action pref=110; accept AS6701
import: from AS12558 action pref=110; accept AS-YUBC
import: from AS35573 action pref=110; accept AS-AVCOM
import: from AS15982 action pref=110; accept AS-VERATNET
import: from AS43608 action pref=110; accept AS-IT011
import: from AS8771 action pref=110; accept AS-YUNET
import: from AS21215 action pref=110; accept AS-ABSOLUTOK
import: from AS6700 action pref=110; accept AS-BEOTELNET
import: from AS25467 action pref=110; accept AS-AKTON
import: from AS31042 action pref=110; accept AS-SBB
import: from AS15958 action pref=110; accept AS-TELENORDOO
import: from AS5603 action pref=110; accept AS5603
import: from AS25431 action pref=110; accept AS25431
export: to AS41897 announce AS-ORIONTELEKOM
export: to AS47267 announce AS-ORIONTELEKOM
export: to AS6701 announce AS-ORIONTELEKOM
export: to AS12558 announce AS-ORIONTELEKOM
export: to AS35573 announce AS-ORIONTELEKOM
export: to AS15982 announce AS-ORIONTELEKOM
export: to AS43608 announce AS-ORIONTELEKOM
export: to AS21215 announce AS-ORIONTELEKOM
export: to AS8771 announce AS-ORIONTELEKOM
export: to AS25467 announce AS-ORIONTELEKOM
export: to AS31042 announce AS-ORIONTELEKOM
export: to AS15958 announce AS-ORIONTELEKOM
export: to AS5603 announce AS-ORIONTELEKOM
export: to AS25431 announce AS-ORIONTELEKOM
remarks: # AS51927 NETPRO
import: from AS43547 action pref=120; accept AS43547
import: from AS47222 action pref=120; accept AS47222
import: from AS43335 action pref=120; accept AS43335
import: from AS51002 action pref=120; accept AS51002
import: from AS52026 action pref=120; accept AS52026
import: from AS52187 action pref=120; accept AS52187
import: from AS50653 action pref=120; accept AS50653
import: from AS56708 action pref=120; accept AS56708
import: from AS57282 action pref=120; accept AS57282
import: from AS51927 action pref=120; accept AS51927
import: from AS43281 action pref=120; accept AS-MOZZARTBET
import: from AS204535 action pref=120; accept AS204535
import: from AS43277 action pref=120; accept AS43277
import: from AS202749 action pref=120; accept AS202749
import: from AS207069 action pref=120; accept AS207069
import: from AS49167 action pref=120; accept AS49167
import: from AS207068 action pref=120; accept AS207068
import: from AS196908 action pref=120; accept AS196908
import: from AS203186 action pref=120; accept AS203186
export: to AS43547 announce ANY
export: to AS47222 announce ANY
export: to AS43335 announce ANY
export: to AS51002 announce ANY
export: to AS52072 announce ANY
export: to AS52026 announce ANY
export: to AS52187 announce ANY
export: to AS50653 announce ANY
export: to AS8534 announce ANY
export: to AS56708 announce ANY
export: to AS57282 announce ANY
export: to AS51927 announce ANY
export: to AS204535 announce ANY
export: to AS43281 announce ANY
export: to AS43277 announce ANY
export: to AS202749 announce ANY
export: to AS207069 announce ANY
export: to AS49167 announce ANY
export: to AS207068 announce ANY
export: to AS196908 announce ANY
export: to AS203186 announce ANY
admin-c: OTN7-RIPE
tech-c: OTN7-RIPE
remarks: -------------------------------------
remarks: peering requests:peering@oriontelekom.rs
remarks: -------------------------------------
admin-c: OTN7-RIPE
tech-c: OTN7-RIPE
status: ASSIGNED
created: 2001-09-26T15:13:04Z
last-modified: 2018-07-25T17:46:30Z
source: RIPE

organisation: ORG-MW1-RIPE
org-name: Drustvo za telekomunikacije Orion telekom doo Beograd, Gandijeva 76a
org-type: LIR
remarks: Please send abuse reports to abuse@oriontelekom.rs
address: Gandijeva 76a
address: 11070
address: Belgrade
address: SERBIA
phone: +381 11 2228 333
fax-no: +381 11 2228 334
admin-c: OTN7-RIPE
admin-c: DS20416-RIPE
admin-c: VT3730-RIPE
admin-c: AJ4757-RIPE
tech-c: OTN7-RIPE
abuse-c: OTN7-RIPE
mnt-ref: RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
created: 2004-04-17T12:25:02Z
last-modified: 2018-07-09T07:35:43Z
source: RIPE # Filtered

role: Orion Telekom NOC
address: Orion Telekom
address: Gandijeva 76a, Belgrade, Serbia
phone: +381 11 2228 388
fax-no: +381 11 2228 334
remarks: *******************************************************************
remarks: Please send abuse reports to abuse@oriontelekom.rs
remarks: *******************************************************************
abuse-mailbox: abuse@oriontelekom.rs
admin-c: SS31535-RIPE
admin-c: DS20416-RIPE
tech-c: DS20416-RIPE
tech-c: VT3730-RIPE
tech-c: AJ4757-RIPE
nic-hdl: OTN7-RIPE
created: 2010-09-17T11:01:42Z
last-modified: 2018-07-09T07:38:05Z
source: RIPE # Filtered

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